Google Sends Letter Addressed to Dan Hesse from Sprint?

Google Email Dan Hesse

A Letter from Addressed to Dan Hesse, , Geekazine.

So I walked to the mailbox to collect the daily dose of bills and snail mail spam. Usually it’s a local ad flyer or a letter stating that a bill is coming (yes, I get those).

I didn’t expect this letter…

The came from Google. Since I have accounts from Google, I’ve seen these letters before. But as I was closing the door, something caught the corner of my eye.

The letter was addressed to Dan Hesse of Sprint.

Why would Dan Hesse be having his spam sent to my house? Am I getting a new roomate? Why is he saying he is part of Geekazine?

First thing I thought was I’ve been hacked and someone changed my settings. I logged into my Google accounts and it says my name, Geekazine address and more. Nothing saying Dan Hesse or CEO of Sprint.

The letter inside was pretty much the same. Nothing else of note. Just an opportunity for free advertising.

So Dan Hesse, please come get your mail.



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