Hulu Plus on Roku

hulu Plus on Roku

Plus on Roku

Roku officially launched the Hulu Plus application. Sad news is you can only get Hulu on Roku if you pay $7.99 and that doesn’t limit the amount of . Nonetheless, we are one step closer in cutting the proverbial cable cord.

The service will hit other like and XBox360 soon.

“We are excited to bring Hulu Plus to all Roku users,” said Pete Distad, of Content Distribution for Hulu. “With Hulu Plus on Roku, TV fans will have an easy way to streamto their the shows they love, whenever they want.”
The $7.99 price change has given Netflix a run for their . With a less than 24 hour turnaround for , and content, you can definitely watch the shows when you want.
On the other hand, Netflix doesn’t put commercials in movies and TV. The content is uncut and gives you that DVD experience online.
It might even be a great combination. For $22 a month, you can get it all.
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