I Went to New York with Google Glass. No One Hates Them Here…

A Google Awesome Selfie in front of Empire State Building

A Google Awesome Selfie in front of Empire State Building

You might have heard the hate issues associated with . Well I would like to tell you my story of how someone either put me down or caused physical violence – but I can’t. And I went to one of the most populated areas in the world.

I thought for sure with my recent trip to I would get a hater, an accausting of, or at least a “can you please take those off?” Yet all I got was the same questions people in my city would ask.

When I arrived in NYC (and after attending part of a conference I was there for) I stopped into 5 Napkins restaurant. Located at 690 9th street in Hell’s Kitchen, this is one place I highly recommend you have a burger at.

I arrived at the restaurant and the first person to notice Glass was the host seating me. The second I walked in the door he asked, “are those Google Glass?” I said yes, which he followed with “how do you like them?”

Not sure who JSLambo is but he's got a nice car

Not sure who JSLambo is but he’s got a nice car #throughglass

After I sat down and the waiter came up with the water. Looking up, he was just as amazed as the host. In fact, several employees look intrigued and excited over this device.

It didn’t stop there.

Now during the week I walked from to 34th street – across from Penn station. One thing you realize when you walk the streets of New York is that everyone gets in their own zone and moves. No one gets angry – they just walk. No interaction unless you both stalemate on the directions you take.

Even though people kept to themselves, I heard a lot of “Hey. Those are Google Glass. Cool.”

#TeamSky Selfie at TechCrunch Disrupt

#TeamSky Selfie at

Its amazing – especially since Google has an office only 20 blocks away. I would guess Glass was part of their daily lives. Yet the only time I saw Glass was at the conference during demonstrations of technology or during a keynote talk where Glass was the focus.

Those that were courageous enough to ask got to check out Glass. It was few and far between from any other city I went to but it did happen. There was Jack – a New Yorker who acted and sounded the part.

“Hey! Those Google Glass?” he shouted

“Yup.” I replied in my best NY voice.

“Those are sweet! I never saw them before” he belted.

“Wanna try them on?” I asked.

In Front of the Ed Sullivan Theater

In Front of the Ed Sullivan Theater

“Do I!?! Yous bet!”

Jack didn’t have a (wait. They still make clamshell phones?) I wished he would have let me take a picture of him because it looked like he just got handed a crown to wear.

“Yo!” he said handing them back to me. “Yous made my day!”.

Two other people got to wear my Google Glass last week. All with similar stories. But the bottom line was: nobody hated my Glass and nobody asked me to take them off.

I even had a chance met up with Benedict Jones in front of the in Times Square. We took #throughglass pictures of each other and talked about our experiences here.

As we both wore Glass I heard people inquire and point at us. Granted – Benedict is in a wheelchair – yet we stood in the middle of the kaos and talked without anyone telling us to move.

Benedict Jones with Darth Vader in the Background

Benedict Jones with in the Background

He and his friend were getting video – documenting how unaccessable hotels in the city can be. I agree – half of the rooms I get are no bigger than the room I am sitting in now.

The rest of the week was no different. I even boarded 3 different planes with my Glass on and 2 people inquired but nobody told me to take them off.

I am really starting to wonder about now. Is this the mecca of haters? Does this northern California city have an anger management problem?

I have walked the streets of San Francisco just like I did with New York. It’s really a similar vibe – people keep to themselves as they pass by. Now and then you interact and people are friendly.

Sure, there may be more in the island because they push through streets to the point cars have to honk when they pass through intersections. I like both areas but I still have to wonder how people can get attacked for just wearing Google Glass.

Other places I wore Glass included Austin for SXSW, for CES, Tech Cocktail week, and NAB, Detroit MI for a series of Ford events I attended, Tuscon AZ, and Anaheim CA where I took video riding . Not to mention my hometown of Madison, WI.

Intrigue and curiosity was met in all these cities when I passed by with the device. Once again – no haters, nobody that tried to rip them off my head.

Its been a while since l have been to San Francisco. I wonder how people will react when I get there…

I went to New York with Google Glass. No One Hates them Here

I went to New York with Google Glass. No One Hates them Here

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