Geek Smack! #196: Amazon Goes Down, LEGO CNC Mill, Stocks and Technology


Geek Smack! – I feel like I’m shrieking duties, but this week is a Golf week for me. 4 years ago I gave up the game to focus on the business. Once I became successful, I would bring the game back into my schedule. Yesterday doesn’t mark that success, for I was golfing in a benefit tournament I was invited to. Tonight I’ll be doing the same. But first, a Smack!

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Geek Smack! Tech News:

Amazon Goes Down Again
– Is this a case of Too many eggs in one basket?
Lion Recovery Tool
– You still have to pay for the flash drive.
iOS 5 Beta 5 Released
– Beta 6 expected Aug 17. Release is inevitable, Mr. Anderson…
Child finds Game Flaw
– Those hackers are getting younger and younger…
iPhones Cost Less to Support
– Then again, how much tech support do you need on a Smart Phone?
Facebook and Teen Vanity
– Good thing I switched to !
Can UV Light Kill Keyboard germs?
– No, we are not talking about UV Vodka….
Verizon Clapming on Tethering
– No more free rides.
Cleavage Stormtrooper Banned from Google+
– Chris Pirillo & Girlfriend are in dismay.
Is Windows Phone 7 Dead
-Microsoft just cannot seem to get a mobile solution going…

Geek Smack Crap!

In this recent heat wave, it’s important that everyone stays cool. That goes for your pet, too. Keep Spot cool with the Climate Controlled cage. If you love the heat and enjoy Salvador Dali stuff, then this Melting Clock is for you. But let’s all rock out to some great music – If you are in a crowded room, might want to use earbuds. That is why these Gummy Bear Earbuds are cool.

Geek Smack! Geek News:

Sy Fi – Eureka! Cancelled. 
Hiking – Timberland Radler Trail Camp Shoes
– New Motion Capture Technique Allows for Live Shooting
– Antimatter Belt Around Earth
Baseball or – Star Wars Day at AT&T Park?
– 10 Foods for Better Sex Life
Hobbit – Hobbit or Deformed Human?

Geek Smack! Topic of the Week: S&P Downgrades – Should Tech Market be Concerned?

The S&P downgraded the stock market the other day. Whereas we lost over 600 points in 24 hours, the market is starting to come back – with a 200 point rebound today.

There is a lot of concern about whether we’re a “AAA” country. There is also question whether we hit a newer recession only a couple years after the Fanny Mae / Freddy Mac fiasco.

Sometimes you have to hit a valley before you go for a peak. Reality is, the Dow did not drop below 10,000 and is settling back in. While I’m no financial expert, I still have faith in this system.

It’s a good time to buy into a tech stock, for the prices are low…

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