Geek Smack! 209: Oh Black Friday, Keep on Rollin…


Geek Smack! – The studio is now moved upstairs. Plans to re-work the green screen downstairs in works for the new iPad show. I was on local TV this week talking about CyberWeek (Cyber Monday). Still a lot of great deals going on, so follow me @geekazine and let me know what you are looking for.

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Geek Smack! News:

Kindle Sells Big on Black Friday
– Black Friday, Cyber Monday do very well again this year.
Facebook Settles with FTC
– You now get to “Opt-In” instead of “Opt-out”
Cloud Traffic in Zetabyte
– Will be at 4.8 Zetabytes by 2015
Lenovo SmartTV
– New Tablets, Smartphone for the Chinese market
Google Mapping Indoors
– See what’s inside the places you are mapping. 
RIM Device Management for iOS, Android

– RIM accepting defeat or keeping customers?
Siri’s Android Alternative – Cluzee
– But does it have a clue?
WordPress Announces WordAds
– Competing with AdSense, WordPress says you deserve better.
Set a LaserJet on Fire through Hacking?
– If your printer was made before 2009 and network connected, there is a way.
iPhone Combusts on a Plane?
– We don’t need no MoFoing iPhones on MoFoing planes!
Seagate Hybrid Drive
– Drives that have SSD and disk technology, they work pretty fast!
Wikipedia Plea and Jesus
– Does this ad (donation) campaign throw you off or want you to help donate?
iTeather Here and Gone
– Service doesn’t work anymore, but is that because of high traffic?
Apple Founding Docs Up for Sale
– For $150,000, you can own a piece of history
Little Printer
– Not really that green, eh?

Holiday Geek Smack Crap:

Get the Indiana Jones Golden fertility idol pencil cup holder to keep your pencils and pens fertile…
For the football fanatic that needs something for their basement bar – the Football Cocktail Shaker lets you mix drinks with ease.
Rock out and flip Pancakes, too, with the Gamma-Go guitar spatula!
Got a wallet? Is it cool? Maybe not as cool as bacon. So why not get a Bacon Wallet for that special bacon geek?

Geek Smack! Geek News:

Bike – Concept for Bike Nomad
Craft – Make Google Maps Envelopes
Gamer – Urinal Game Controller
Gun – Get a Picture with Santa and Guns
Space – Youngest Supernova
Mommy – Origami Stroller

Geek Smack! Topic of the Week: Black Friday, Cyber Monday shows we might also #OccupySales

Well, we survived another mad dash shopping weekend. With the exception of the person that pepper sprayed for an XBox 360, and the local issues in Wisconsin with the recall efforts of our Governor. Otherwise, it’s been reported that Black Friday was a huge success. Even Apple, who hasn’t participated in the event in the past, hit 4x better sales than years past.

It makes you wonder – all these people sitting outside Wall Street for a reason? How can we say “Occupy” whatever, when we shovel into stores and buy, buy, buy? It’s like if a peasant in mid-evil times were to say “We doth have no food on thine table for thy family”, then pull out and start eating a turkey leg…

By definition, I am one of the 99%. But I don’t use that as an excuse. Yes, I get worried on bills and where my next meal will come from. I am also working on new plans to expand. That is why I started iPad365. That is why I am talking to financial experts and working new deals.

I am glad for shop owners who saw record sales. Black Friday weekend got a 24% boost and Cyber Monday also saw 20% increase in sales. But where does that leave us when it comes to saying we are poor? Or did the stores just provide the right discounts to where we could afford to buy the stuff?

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