Geek Smack! Special Episode #200 – Sprint Sues on AT&T, Monty Python, Yellow Submarine Tin


Geek Smack! – 200 episodes. ! (Formerly Weekly ) has gone through almost 4 years of shows. From the first show – Recorded on October 1st, 2007 and was called “The Show”. Four weeks later, Geekazine was born. The switch to Smack! on Ep 190 (June 28th, 2011). It’s been a fun ride and only ramping up to new ideas and 200 more shows!

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Geek Smack! Tech News:

Sprint Sues to Block AT&T
– New news in merger acquisition
Google Closes Down Programs
– Did you really use them, anyway?
iPhone suspects Plead Not Guilty
– This is for the lost iPhone4. Not the iPhone5.
People Closing Google Places
– Make sure your business hasn’t been marked as closed.
Stolen Web Certificates 
– Do we have to be concerned about it?
Google + Suggested User List
– Are you for or against it?
RUMOR – Amazon Kindle Tablet
– It only makes sense to turn the Kindle into a Tablet.

Geek Smack Crap!

Can’t grow a mustache? Get one out of tentacles
Lost in Space? Well, you should really have a B-9 Robot to let you know of danger. Why does it keep calling me Will Robinson, though?
If you have some spoiled brats, get them this playhouse – only $20k!

Geek Smack! Geek News:

Python – 42 Years of Monty Python!
Game – GameStop Plans to Sell iPhone, iPod, iPad
Military – Infra-Red Invisibility Cloak for Tanks
History or Old West – Remains of Outlaw Found
Dog – Longest Ears Ever
Cereal – Count Chocula Plush
Beatles – Yellow Submarine Tin Tote
Music or Doodle – Freddy Mercury’s 60th Birthday Doodle

Geek Smack! Topic of the Week: 200 Episodes of Geekazine

The show started as just that: The Show. Then it became the Geekazine Weekly Podcast. Switching gears, it is now Geek Smack. It’s been a great ride and four years later, we’re not stoppin. Let the journey to 300 begin!

From the different intros, to when I started to do video. We take a quick look back at the evolution of this show.

The Geek Smack! is under a Creative Commons no-deriv license

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