Mionix: Desciple 60 Rage-Proofs Your Keyboard, NAOS Mouse – CES 2012


- ? Go ahead and bang on it. It’s designed for it.  That is what Mionix is offering for gamers.

The keyboard is the Mionix  60. The keyboard has and a steel plate on it. Keys can be removed so it can be re-configured for MMO gaming. It lasts 50 million keystrokes.

With a thicker cable, it also puts a USB and in the back of your keyboard.

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So go ahead and bang on your keyboard. They dropped it out of a 3rd story window.

We also got to see a new mouse, with a program called the Surface Quality Analyze Tool. Move around the mouse for 10 seconds. It analyzes the Data loss between the movements. We find out the table might be the problem, so we can get a surface that will get better mouse response. It also has a -.

Mionix also makes the World’s best mousepad (using ), which helps with your mouse response.

The Desciple is $149.99 – $79.99 – and the World’s best mousepad is $49.99.



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