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The Terminator Multimedia Speaker

Talking to Alexa using one of Amazon’s Echo speakers is cool. But not nearly as cool as talking to a T-800 Terminator speaker from the Terminator movies. This Terminator T-800 Speaker has Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant onboard. It has arrived from the future, not to kill us all, but to help. So now you can play your tunes and get Alexa’s help from the head of a cyborg. Will this give rise to Skynet and kill us all? I guess we are all about to find out. It is made by AC Worldwide and is a nicely detailed reproduction of the endoskeleton skull. Try not to be intimidated by having this thing on your desk. The skull comes mounted on a platform with a plaque bearing a message that you can customize. You can have it say, “I’ll be back!”, or whatever else you want. It stands 18...

DigGoogle – What Google Can Gain if They Buy Digg 3

DigGoogle – What Google Can Gain if They Buy Digg

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSDigg grew to a powerhouse site in a very short time. The Popular News Aggregator service continues to be a great place for people to not only read news, but also contribute to what they think is news. Alexa reports that Digg has been fluctuating around the top 100 to 150 sites being viewed. 52.5% of those viewers are in the US. The rumor mill is stirring up again that Google has put interest in buying Digg. TechCrunch reports that the “Rumor” is Digg will be selling for $200 million although CEO Jay Adelson denies it. Will this be a good deal for Digg, or can they grow and survive on their own? Digg started in 2004 by Kevin Rose, Own Byrne, Ron Gorodetzky and Jay Adelson. The idea was to aggregate news items and...

Is my website worth it? 2

Is my website worth it?

“103,288,431 websites with nothing on…” It’s the Bruce Springsteen song with a different twist. Of course when Bruce performed that song in 1992, the general populous wasn’t on the internet. I would make a guess that the majority didn’t even know what the internet was. Of course that all has changed. We use the internet everyday to buy, sell, inform, rant, rave, rate and surf. The number at the beginning of this article is the amount of websites that are active on the internet today. Over half a million were registered today while 338 million were deleted and about 350 thousand either expired or were transferred (stats from Domaintools.com). While the average person surfs about 5-20 websites in a sitting, where do they go? Better yet, will they ever see your site and for how long?

Fark vs. Digg – The fight of the Century. 0

Fark vs. Digg – The fight of the Century.

A few weeks back, Fark.com posted an article pointing to Digg.com. The article was a Digg that pointed to Fark. Infinite recursion and Duke still sucks (You have to be a real Farker to understand that one).

If GeoCities became a Social Network Site….. 0

If GeoCities became a Social Network Site…..

Last night I was on System Showdown talking about tech. They asked my thoughts on the Microsoft/Yahoo merger. I basically shot from the hip and said that Yahoo should stop “Dropping Landmines” and focus on not being bought out by restructuring.  It got me to thinking again on what Yahoo could change. I remembered that some time ago, I talked about what Yahoo could do to turn things around. One of the things I mentioned was if Yahoo Geocities became more of a Social Networking Hybrid.