Week in Tech History – 3-23-09 – Gateway Buys Amiga


The Amiga has been sort of an enigma in the industry. It started in 1982 as the Amiga corporation, then purchased the line to put in their family of computers. The computer was held high for – with a video toaster, the system could do as much as a mac or PC, but for less price.

Commodore of course folded up, but the Amiga line still tried to thrive. On March 27th 1997, Gateway 2000 decided to take over the reigns and be the home to this great machine. We have since seen Gateway come and go.

Other historical notes for this week – the EU lands a fine on , splits into 5 while splits into 2. gets bought by Veritas and pleads guilty to wire fraud. Finally we see Excel 4.0 introduced, as well as Mac .

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