Bandwidth Caps – Bitstrips

It’s gotten really obvious that soon, unlimited Internet will be the thing of the past. As we get into faster speeds, it will be easier to download more and let friends connect up to download more. In the next 2 years the average persons’ internet usage will go up significantly.

This cap hurts those who work hard to keep you entertained on the Internet. While you won’t just get disconnected (well, unless your a customer), you will find the Internet will mimic your cell phone plan – overage fees to total in the hundreds or even thousands depending on what you do.

It might even affect little mom and pop shops like Geekazine. Think about it. If you ration your internet, you might find sites that have all the content you need and not specialty stuff. Even a site like Bitstrips can see some loss in users simply because they cannot be online.

Maybe someday this will re-regulate where internet usage is not important. Until then, we have to deal with this growing pain or get shut off.

Therefore, here is a little comic I wrote:

Bandwidth Caps - Bitstrips

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