Moving – Bitstrips Style

This week it’s all about packing and moving. Got the all straightened out. The Kitchen was easy. The bathroom just needs to be cleaned. But what could be left?

OH YEAH. The stuff.

It becomes an interesting ritual of what I am going to keep and what is going to . Computers themselves are not accepted there, so I have to find other means for them. Really, the best thing is to strip them and dispose of them in a proper mannor.

I thought at one time of turning motherboards into things like art and , but then I realized with all the on a , would that be wise? Plus I would have to take time to build clocks and I really don’t want to do that.

The most interesting thing is the cables. You know – you needed that one special cable to run the item, so you paid $50- $100 or more for it? I remember I had to buy a SCSI cable for a 4x CD-R I bought back in 1998. The cable (50 micro-pin SCSI) was expensive (Not to mention the CD-R, which was $300 at the time). Now, I am finally parting with the cable, which is in the box to Goodwill. I figured I could have needed the cable while the CD-R was replaced with an 9100. That was replaced with a DVD -/+ RW.

I have a tote for all Geekazine products to review. I have a tote for all computer books I need. I have a tote for all my computer cables. I haven’t even packed my computers. There is a tote for computer software.

As a I am used to having a lot of stuff. It’s been a 50 /50 trade between music equipment and computer. In this move, the computer equipment has definitely taken over.

Therefore, I am dedicating this weeks Bitstrips to the move.

Moving - Bitstrips Style

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