Ford Edge Drive Keynote Part 1 – Frank Davis

Nashville, TN – A group of reporters decended to Nashville to drive the new Ford Edge. I was one of those people. And while I cannot tell you how the car drives (we are under until Monday, Aug. 23rd), I can report about the rest of the 1 day event.

I got in about 10 AM, in which I met other reporting crew. We piled into a Ford (no surprise, there) and headed to the Factory – an event Hall in Nashville. This was a floor with 5 stations so we could learn about this car’s partners: Nuance, Sony and Telenav.

The main consisted of 4 : Frank Davis, Bannon, and Amy Marentic. We split the session up into 4 parts.

In this first video, you will listen to Frank Davis talk about the growing of Ford Cars, the Ford Edge and how the is becoming a popular car to have.

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