Jason Falls interviews Keenan Cahill – YouTube Sensation

Keenan Cahill

Keenan Cahill

If there is anyone that has felt the success of , it’s Keenan Cahill. This 17 year old has been lip-syncing songs for 4 years. His videos are seen by millions ever since he covered Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”.

Of course, growing up as Keenan hasn’t been the best. Suffering from a genetic disorder called “Mucopolysaccaridosis” (MPS-6), where his and cartilage did not get proper carbohydrates to grow. Still, his adversity gives him uniqueness, and since, YouTube stardom.

Jason Falls with Keenan Cahill

Jason Falls interviews Keenan Cahill

Jason Falls sits down and talks with Keenan at the Overblog Booth at & New in New York City. Keenan shares his wisdom of how to become a YouTube sensation. For instance – he mentions that he doesn’t refer to his audience as “Fans”. He addresses them as “guys”.

Keenan is moving away from lip-syncing and planning to start singing originals. He has teamed up with a couple artists to put together an album.

Halfway through the interview, joined the conversation. It was all followed by a quick dance between Jason Falls and Keenan Cahill.

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