Management Shake-Up at MySpace

Dewolfe is out. No one else is in–yet. Read the full story at Bloomberg.

An excerpt:

    DeWolfe co-founded with Anderson in 2003 and ran the ad-supported company for almost four years under ’s . Former Facebook Chief Operating Officer Owen Van Natta is likely to replace DeWolfe, the Wall Street Journal’s All Things D Web site reported yesterday. Facebook passed MySpace as the top social-networking site last year.

    “They are disappointed that MySpace hasn’t kept up with the competition,” said Charlene Li, founder of Altimeter Group, a digital media consulting firm. “MySpace has really dropped off and instead of being the leader, it’s the laggard.”

I have from time to time visited MySpace. The pages usually reminded me of the early days of the web, when persons would use animated *.gifs and scrolling marquees and play annoying music without asking permission just because they could–a jangly, nerve-racking, carnival-side show of a place. Most of the pages were more cluttered than my kitchen table.

It must have been for somebody, but it was not for stodgy old me.

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