Modeled Citizens

Developers in Japan designed a intended to serve as a model. Apparently, it didn’t impress the audience. Read the full story, with illustrations, in the Guardian at this link.

Here’s an excerpt:

“HRP-4C, a name that will probably not join the ranks of modelling greats alongside Claudia Schiffer and Kate Moss, was, like a fashion collection, unveiled yesterday in Japan. Sadly, that’s the closest it will probably come to the world of couture. The robot, which has been designed to resemble a Japanese woman, has already been slammed by designers for being too stumpy (a mere 62.2 inches) and dumpy (a nigh-on obese 58kg [approx. 127 lbs.]).”

Other criticisms included the volumen and the tone of voice (not to mention that fashion don’t speak on the runway) and the lack of a convincing fashion model’s walk.

Nobody though much of the first Toyotas, either.

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