Sirius XM Headed for Toaster

andy mccaskeyI’m one of those who is going to miss part of Sirius . Not much, you understand. What I really miss is but that left the building last summer. What we have as a poor substitute are a bunch of commercial channels – except for the tired Decade Series. I’ve enjoyed addition of the BBC and at least some NPR content. but  the of commercials on most of the channels and a constant shift of lineup has made satellite radio one of the least enjoyable portions of trips the past nine months.

Podcasts, Audible books, and of course Pandora, and the Public Radio player have filled the gap. It’s a shame that  XM bit the dust because I really liked the Roady Satellite receiver and FM modulator from Delphi.

The new turn of hardware by and Apple Touch reportedly will include a new chip that will include the , Bluetooth streaming for high end automobiles that can accept that option, and improved 802.11n performance. The convenience of no satellite receiver, no FM modulator and streamlining into a will be contributing factors – But the real factor will be the level of commercials and promos on .

Andy McCaskey is a Podcaster over at SDRNews.

Jeff’s Thoughts: I used Sirius XM when I got a rental car and when I turned on the music channels. Bars might loose out on the XM channels, especially those who use satillite TV. XM reached out to more than just a consumer subscription service.

Of course, you will have to find a new home for .

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