The Little Birdies Can Still Sing

, -tweet, -tweet,” without paying royalties.

The Guardian reports that Twitter’s attempt to trademark the word, tweet, has failed, not because the idea is silly, but because someone beat them to it with .

    applied to the US and office last month for ownership of the word but the request was provisionally denied on the grounds that other companies had filed for trademarks of very similar words.

    The authority cited three applications by firms called TweetMarks, Cotweet and Tweetphoto, and said there was a “likelihood of confusion” between the various marks.

Now, I can see that trademarking terms such as “TweetMarks,” “Cotweet,” and “Tweetphoto,” because they are made up words meant to identify a specific product, much like “Xerox” and Kleenex.” But it rubs against my cranky old man grain to see someone try to trademark a plain English word that dates back to the 1700s.

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