The Metaphysics of Conficker

Bruce Schneier, writing in the Guardian, attempts to use the scare to illustrate larger lessons in human . In particular, he wonders why led to global cyber-panic, at least among users, whereas other, equally or more dangerous passes almost unnoticed almost every day.

Frankly, I think his reasoning is a bit over the top, but it’s still an interesting read. The full column is here.

An excerpt below the fold:

    Conficker’s 1 April deadline was precisely the sort of event humans tend to overreact to. It’s a specific threat, which convinces us that it’s credible. It’s a specific date, which focuses our fear. Our natural tendency to exaggerate makes it more spectacular, which further increases our fear. Its repetition by the media makes it even easier to bring to mind. As the story becomes more vivid, it becomes more convincing.

(Look! A first: I spelled “Conficker” correctly!)

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