What’s the Latin for “Upload Link”?

Reuters reports that Facebook is unveiling a Latin language option.

    Like all languages on , the Latin translation was created by ’s users. According to there are an additional 55 languages currently being translated or in beta testing including Sanskrit, another language of the past.

This would not doubt give great joy to Miss Jacobs, my high school Latin teacher. She was also the high school French teacher. It was a very small country high school.

The school didn’t care about your self-esteem–back then, schools realized that achievement builds self-esteem, not vicey-versey–but, by the time you finished, you could by gum read, write, and cipher.

All joking aside, I learned more about English grammar in two years of Latin than I learned in 12 years of English classes. Go figure.

A personal note: I’m getting my house ready for market. Normal insanity resumes when the paint cans go away and the “For Sale” sign goes up.

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