Windows 7 on Netbooks: Hold on to Your Wallets?

The Guardian speculates that 7 on new is likely to come in the “starter” or “standard” version–that is, only three apps can run simultaneously. Unleashing a more versatile version of 7 will cost an upgrade fee. Read the full story here.

According to the story, the starter version can be upgraded for the cost of a pizza dinner for four.

I used to have a family of four (before they up and grew up); taking them out for a pizza dinner was a significant expenditure.

An excerpt (as of today, one dollar US equals 1.48 pounds UK):

    Anyway, we did what any rational journalist does these days, and asked Twitter.

    The guesses vary widely. “£20 a head? So £80-£100?” suggested Matthew Burton. “£99?” offered Emily King. More budget-minded, Chris Hill says £60.

    Slightly cynically (though experience might prove correct) Nevynxxx said “Knowing Microsoft, $60 or £60”; a hopeful Matt Johnson had “about $50”.

    And that’s where a lot of the numbers range around: £80, $100. Now, the next question: is that a lot to unlock the capability that was already sitting there on the hard drive/SSD of your netbook? Will you actually be able to make use of all that capability? And is it going to annoy the hell out of people who had thought they’d bought, you know, a computer that might be able to do things like run a display?

Cost of the fully functional Ubuntu OS on my netbook: $0.00 US.

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