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I was on emarketingvids.com today for Apps n Tools Thursday talking about cards. I still believe the old fashioned is still important in your everyday meetings. However, if you need to meet with someone virtually, you can use another type of business .

It’s called About.me and you can use it as an online business card. Put your profile together, link to all your sites including LinkedIn and Facebook.

There is even a contest going on. If you liked the , please vote for Geekazine to be the face of About.me on a Times Square billboard: http://about.me/Geekazine


Thanks to emarketingvids.com for posting this. emarketingvids is a video site to learn how to improve your social media experience. From to , e-marketing vids shows you programs and how to use them to gain more followers or just put your brand out there better.

E Marketing Vids also is available on Roku and Boxee through Mediafly.com

Here is the full video:

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