Ramblings – 5-09-09 – Award Night

For those who don’t know, tonight I am going to the Music Awards. I was nominated for 3 awards including cover band of the year, country song of the year (which was weird) and Unique song of the year (a remix of a song by another artist). It’s pretty exciting that I was nominated on all 3 areas – 2 of them I had expectation on .

While I’ve been waiting for tonight, I had some interesting issues come up with the site. In PHP land, if there is a issue, it will create a ‘core’ file. That file might have 0 kb or of info. I had over 300 of them on the site.

To counter, I cleared out the offending ones, made sure all updates were solid, backed up and cleaned content and wrote a CRON job to tell me if this happens again. Take THAT, PHP.

Otherwise, everything has been in normalcy. Still looking for a new place to live, so I’ve been getting ready to pack. And when I say ‘getting ready’, I really mean I’ve been doing nothing. There has been some drama in this in the last week and although I am not going into detail, I will say that it has affected a lot of people around me. It’s been really difficult to keep a positive approach, but I have powered through it.

Because of this and the uncertain location of , we’ve been trying to get – the house dog – a new home. is a great dog and I wish I could take him with, but it’s just not possible. He’s still at the house – if we cannot find a new owner, we’ll have to take him to the humane society. It breaks my to do, but we have no other choice.

Not much else to report. There are a couple things I need to adjust to Geekazine. Remember to sign up for the free ‘The Myth debunked – 10 reasons why people don’t listen to podcasts’. I’ll see you on the other side and let you know if I won a MAMA or not.

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