Day in Tech History Has Moved. New Website, New Feel, Kickstarter

Well, it’s been on my mind for the last few weeks. On October 1st, I pulled the switch and the Day in Tech History Podcast has officially moved to it’s own . Now found at – The move means a lot of new additions and opportunities.

The first idea is I can move this past podcasts. Two weeks ago I started the Pre-Cap, which is a  roundup of the Tech History you will hear about during the week. This has a Share-Alike attribution, which means you can take this and incorporate it into your videos as a segment.

Secondly, I can bring on more bloggers that want to talk about historical events in technology history. We can also bring in video, pictures and more into their own categories – making this a fully rounded website.

No Changes Necessary to the for you!

You’ll see the “Day in Tech History” link above. That will not change, but when you select it, the location will instantly take you to the new website. If you are subscribed to the feeds, they will automatically redirect for you. That will not change for a while. If you do want to link to the new RSS location, you can Link to Day In Tech History Podcast RSS.

iTunes and Zune feeds should be updating to the new location. If you listen through Stitcher, Mediafly or TechPodcasts and Blubrry networks, that will also be redirecting to the new location.

I want to help on the Day in Tech History!

Hey! That is great! First of all, we are Running a Kickstarter for Day in Tech History Project. You can help out by donating – Something as simple as $1, but you can also back shows starting at $25.

How Can I get Day in Tech History on my Show?

I am available to come on your show and talk tech history. Just let me know and we’ll schedule time for it. Like I said earlier, you can use the Pre-Cap (a 3 minute video) that you can play in audio or video format on your show. Then again – the Full Show Notes are on the Wiki. Just select the date in the table.

Questions – Feel free to contact me on @geekazine or geekazine at gmail. Those avenues will not change.

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