Epic Games Releases The First Gameplay Footage For The New Unreal Tournament

The first ever deathmatch in the new unreal tournament

The first ever deathmatch in the new

The folks at have been hard at work and now, they have finally put together a YouTube video. In it, they show off the very first deathmatch in the new version of Unreal Tournament. As you can see it is a very early version of the . However, it’s enough to give you a glimpse of all the basic mechanics.

At the time of publishing, I have just watched it and impressed with how good this looks already.  In the , we got an early glimpse of the Weapon system in the new game, we also got a look at how moving around works.  Additionally, we saw a very early test map being used with a bunch of greyscale cubes and a greyscale map.

Again, this was a really early version of the game that we are looking at here. However, if this is anything to go by, then I cannot wait to get my hands on an early build for the . Even if this is an early build, I think it’s safe to say that the new Unreal Tournament could become the game that gets me back into FPS games.

I say this because for I while, I’ve stopped playing most FPS games for a while because the majority of the good ones have been released on consoles that I don’t own. On top of that, I cannot afford to shell out £20+ for a game every time.  Titanfall is on , but at best I can find it online for about £25.  However unreal tournament is going to be on Mac, PC and Linux. Therefore, this makes it a lot easier when games are priced or close to it. On top of that, if they are on PC and Mac then it makes it a lot easier for people like me who will game on a PC, but might not buy a console.


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