Going to California with an HP in my heart – HP Converged Infrastructure, HP Road Show

This last couple days was a pretty eventful one. Andy McCaskey called me and said – Hey, your going to California. Funny, I wasn’t shootin at no food.

The event is the HP Converged Infrastructure Road Show. It was a 2 day event in multiple cities that ends in San Fransisco – More specifically, Palo Alto – At the heart of IT. Unfortunately, it also happens opening weekend of , but ya know, it happens.

I am actually not only honored to go, but very excited. As an IT professional in the former life, I still love to keep my hands in the infrastructure and administration. That, and it’s the first time I get to go to the sunshine state. Not the Dairy state – That is my home.

Andy and I will be heading down with one goal in mind – Video. We will be interviewing multiple people in the HP IT world, including , Bill Allen, Grant Jacobsen and many others in the HP line.

HP Road Show Contest

Oh yeah, once we finish the video, we’ll be having a contest. The prizes are not finalized just yet, but the main prize we were bopping around is something you might want in your arsenal.

If you want to follow via Twitter, the hashtag combo will be #hprs and #hpci. Streaming will be available if we have the bandwidth.

Topics covered:

Learning how to reduce your IT operations and maintenance resource costs
Remove trapped budget that are costly and underutilized
Transform your Data Center to operate more efficiently
See how the HP converged infrastructure architecture is breaking down technology silos to simplify IT and accelerate business results.

Day 1 sessions will highlight the following:

– Bulletproofing your virtualization strategy
– Why Converged Infrastructure matters to your Data Center
– Control Aging Server Sprawl; New economics you can’t ignore
– Unleash Trapped Capacity with Virtual Storage Infrastructure
– Get out of the , IBM mainframe and legacy rut with Integrity optimized infrastructure
– Changing Networking to Unlock Business Value

Day 2 sessions will highlight the following:

– HP BladeSystem Matrix and Insight Software: Converged Infrastructure solution for delivering shared services
– Flex Fabric to dynamically connect resources
– Unified Storage for flexible, resilient scale-out storage
– BladeSystem with G6 processors for maximum performance and power efficiency
– Detailed technical teardown of competitive systems to see what’s really under the covers

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