iPad2 Smart Cover Security Breach – Hack into Someone’s iPad

Do you password protect your ? Well, if you have protected your iPad (ie put a security code on it), there is a security flaw out there you need to be aware of. Someone can get into your iPad with a simple .

If you walk away, anyone with an iPad cover or a fridge magnet can use it to their advantage. This is how it works:

  • Hold down the power button of the locked iPad2 until the “Slide to power off” button shows up.
  • If a cover is on the iPad2, slide the bar across just a bit and let go.
  • If no cover, slide a magnet across the bar until the screen dims
  • Hit the “Cancel” button.

Voila! You are in!. Just like this YouTube Video shows.

The temporary is to turn off the Smart cover unlocking feature in iPad. Your case for iPad will only put the screen to inactive. It’s a small inconvenience for iPad2 owners, but once again, if you have on the device, then this will circumvent the security flaw.

Expect a fix from Apple pretty quick.

Reference: 9 to 5 Mac

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