Joining Forces with Stitcher, Going to BlogWorld.

L.A, here I come!

I will officially be going to BlogWorld & New Media Expo: Los Angles next month. I’ll be joining Stitcher to do some broadcasting and interviews of bloggers and podcasters at the event. We will be set up on Friday, November 4th collecting interviews from anyone that wants to talk.

I will also be going around with the camera, talking with participants and vendors. We’ll try to get a few interview that weekend.

Stitcher is “Smart for your phone”. You can download the mobile application and set up the program to stream the audio shows you listen to most. We have a promotion that if you want to win $100, just go to

I plan to arrive on the 3rd, and leave on the 6th. Therefore, if you would like to meet up, let me know through email (geekazine at gmail) or twitter @geekazine.

If you still need tickets, go here. Then meet me in LA for & New Media Expo!

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