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Screencast: Speeding Up Your WordPress – Condensing the Code?

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For the I have been looking at how sloppy some code can get. I understand why you do it – I’ve done it in the past, too. Nonetheless, the best way to run code is to have it all in one line. No means smaller file sizes. Smaller file sizes mean faster websites.

I have been working on condensing the code for WordPress 2.8.3. Sometimes I went tumbling into a brick wall (you may have seen the errors on the site today). Nonetheless, I got everything back up and running without issue.

Hence, In this screencast, we show you some ways you can speed up your wordpress site. With plugins and customizations, WordPress sites can get very bulky and slow, not to mention any website out there. We talk about some ways to speed up the site, including:

DB-Backup – Use it to Optimize, repair and backup the Database

WP-Supercache – Will cache the pages so the server doesn’t work overtime for everyone.

Changing the code on the page to reduce server calls – &;?php ?> code is nice, but every time you use it, the server gets taxed. Changing the code to your template url path will help.

Condensing the characters – How 400k can really speed up a site.

P.S. Yes, I said Windows instead of WordPress in the opening. Whoops.

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