SPINX – The World’s First Toilet Cleaning Robot

There are few chores in life as nasty as the . Even a clean looking is nasty and teaming with all kinds of germs and bacteria. This is not a chore that anyone wants to be doing. Even if you wear gloves, the mere act of your toilet just leaves you feeling dirty. That’s why janitors are heroes. Anyway, now you can say goodbye to that old toilet brush. You will never have to clean the bowl or the seat again thanks to , the world’s first toilet cleaning .

It works simple. A robotic arm with a rotating brush reaches down and cleans the toilet bowl, then SPINX’s water jets wash the seat and dry it with compressed air. The lid will hold up to 330 pounds and is gently closing. No matter how hard you try to force it, it closes gently and quietly. All you have to do is push a button and the cleaning cycle begins. You can use your favorite toilet cleaner liquid or tablets.

This robot takes one of our least favorite chores and does it for us. Now that is robot technology put to good use. Every bathroom should have one.

via Kickstarter

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