How Verizon Half-Assed the iPhone

Verizon iphone

, or ViDud?

So I was sitting in Houston, TX with Jake Luddington. I made this prediction (the night before the announcement) that the iPhone on Verizon was going to hit 40 million in the first 30-60 days. It was a stretch, but it was based on the masses who have been waiting patiently for the CDMA iphone, mixed with those 3GS, and first gen iPhone users also biding their time.

Jake said I was insane to make that prediction. That is because I thought Verizon would have at least the patience to wait for the to come out. With the 4G service and Verizon network, I could see that do a mass-exodus like no other phone would.

But then Verizon had to go ruin it.

Of course, we heard that Verizon is going to release the CDMA version of the iPhone4. You cannot do data on at the same time, because there is no 4G (well, Verizon is even doing that half-assed as it’s not a true 4G network – It’s HSOPA). Therefore, no for you!

Most likely, the iPhone chip is just replaced by a CDMA chip. As I have guessed since the beginning of iPhone, I always expected to have a CDMA version of their phones – in case they needed to jump ship within a week.

So this band-aid phone was apparently acceptable by Verizon execs to ship out. The real question is: Will you buy it?

What is really sad is that we just interviewed Verizon for 2011 and they had some great new Android phones using LTE. Why would they want to shadow those items with a half-assed iPhone?

If I was or , I think I would really be frustrated with Verizon’s action. After all, is one of that leaders of Android devices. They have come out with some great alternatives.

I own an iPhone 3GS. I am seriously thinking about switching off it when the contract is up. iPhone 5 will really have to impress to keep me – Otherwise, I am seriously looking at a couple Android phones.

But in no way will I pay $199 and $125 a month for a 16 GB iPhone that doesn’t have full functionality.

I think it’s safe to say that I will not win this bet. Thanks Verizon – can you hear me now?

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