SXSW 2014 in Pictures

This was my SXSW. I had a lot of fun this year meeting new people and creating new interviews. Of course, this was the year of the selfie for me – Since selfies are suppose to be therapeutic. I got a lot of them with some great superstars

My SXSW Watch

Sgt Slaughter

Sgt Slaughter

It all started at the Roku streaming lounge when I met one of my all-time favorite wrestlers Sgt. Slaughter. He was getting ready to talk about how the WWE was proud to be on Roku, and was gracious to be a part of the photo as I had to run to another interview.

While at the Samsung lounge, I was able to get a picture with Dan Harmon (Community). He was singing phallic songs the crew had created.

That night, I ran into Ron Pearlman (13 Sins) at an undisclosed location. We met in the bathroom, but I got a photo with him outside.

The next day, the landslide of celebs happened. Simon and James Ritter posed – they were promoting We’ll Never Have Paris“. 

Then it was over at the Indiegogo booth where I met Shaq and Seth Rogan. After walking around town getting interviews, I was able to run into Rosario Dawson, then heading back to the Paypal lounge I got a picture with Adam Savage. 

That night, we stopped by the Microsoft XBox party when I ran into Michael Pena and then ’s door man Guillermo Rodriquez.

Next day, I met and talked with Jim Breuer, who also wanted to try out my Glass. Finally, I got a snap with King of the Nerds contestant Katie Correll, who was at the SXSW awards party.

Lots of tech & celebs, too including Guy Kawasaki, Brian Solis, Robert Scoble, Randi Zuckerberg, and many more. All in, it was an awesome week with friends and tech geeks.

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