This Smart First-Aid Kit Uses Algorithms In Emergency Situations

Sadly, when an situation occurs, chances are that the surrounding bystanders do not have any training. That is the sad reality. And this is why Mobilize Rescue Systems has released an intelligent first aid kit that seeks to overcome this problem. It is called the Comprehensive Rescue System. This unique kit has an embedded in its lid that has lessons and instructions from thousands of pages of and emergency response documents. It uses artificial intelligence to perform and walk you through first response treatment. It’s like having an EMT at your side.

It has everything you need, clearly labelled with large-print numbers and letters. The ard-case version is $2,250, while a soft-case version will cost $1,750. Sure, it is expensive, but we’re talking about something that can save your life. If both are out of your price range, they also have a $180 version that is a scaled-down kit that works with a user’s cellphone rather than its own tablet.

It beats trusting some random guy on the street who doesn’t know anything and is likely to harm you rather than help you. It really is a brilliant idea, because lack of first aid knowledge can have serious deadly consequences.

[via Digital Trends]

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