You Might Be A Deccabillitweeter – 10 Billionth Twitter Soon

600 tweets a second. That might just jump up a little in the next 18 hours as the Deccabillitweeter will be crowned.

What is a Deccabillitweeter? Well that is the person who will make the 10 . I know I will be trying for that. Therefore, you will see me all day tomorrow.

1st tweet: Got out of bed. 2nd tweet: Jumped in shower 3rd tweet: showering. 4th Tweet: still showering…

Deccabillitwitter meter

Deccabillitweeter meter

I looked, but couldn’t find out who the 1 billionth tweet was. All I know is it happened around Nov. 10, 2008. The 5 Billionth Twitter was sent by Robin Slone with the post “Oh lord”. He hit enter before he could finish it with “…it’s hard to be humble, when you’re perfect in every way…”

So what do you give a Deccabillitweeter? Well if it’s anything like an , it’s tin/ or Diamond. So would that make it a Diamond-Deccabillitweeter?

We have 18 hours to go, according to Gigatweet.  Yep, it’s a site dedicated to watching how much time we waste online. Bless their souls.

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