Geekazine Weekly Podcast #5 10-31-07


Show #5 Notes – 10/31/07

Apple Leopard News:

2 Million Copies Sold – MacDailyNews
Adobe Apps on Leopard: What You Need to Know – John Nack on Adobe Blog
Mac BSOD? – CNet
Holes in Max OS –
to run Leopard on a PC – Information Week

On the Geek:

Seagate Offers 5% refunds on Storage Products –
NEC SX-9 Fastest Computer Ever? –
Hitachi Bringing Ultri-Thin LCD HDTVs –
30nm 128 GB Cards –

Cool Geek Stuff:

Computer Repair Utility Kit – Technibble

More News:

Trent Reznor: TakeMy , Please! – Cnet
1Man Internet Company worth 1 Billion? – Read/WriteWeb
Google Cell ? – News
Blu Ray Outselling HD – Daily Tech
Mother Sues Prince over YouTube Clip – Cnet
BEA Holds Out on buyout – York Times
Tech Pay Approaches All- High – iTnews
Top 30 Bad Tech Predictions – thelistuniverse
Walgreens Adds DVD Kiosks – Reuters
Uruguay buys first $100 laptops – BBC News
Things that Piss Geeks Off – Ask Rea Maor v.0.2
Fastest Vista PC is a MacBook Pro – PCWorld
Internet Pioneer Leaves ICANN – NewsFactor


Apple Leopard
Yahoo Messenger 9 Beta

Links To Note:

History of the 64 – Gamasutra
Invert the Colors on Your Mac – WikiHow
Make your own Lightsaber – Finkbuilt
Audiophile Spends 3.4 Mill on Home Theatre – TechBlog
Convert Toliet to Low Flush – WikiHow

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