Alienware Gaming from Dell Updates Includes AMD, VR, and new Command Center

, as usual, has a lot of updates for , especially when it comes to . Joel Olmsted sits with at 2018 to break it all down.

Gives You More Customization

Let’s start with their brand new version of their Command Center Software. It will be in every new system that the company is launching this year. Basically it tunes your machine to the game you are playing. If your game needs better GPU performance for instance, this ups it. It eliminates the processes you don’t need and ups the ones that you do, streamlining any game that you play.

Adding AI Lighting to Alienware Computers

They’ve also added more colors to the lighting on their machines. One cool example from the video is that your keyboard could go from green to red as your health goes down in a game. How cool is that? That is going to be very helpful in a variety of games. You can set the lights to serve other purposes. Assign any light a functionality. Use them for streaming or social media. Assign another light if you get a Facebook message or alarm to tell you when the pizza is ready.

Ryzen and Threadripper in Alienware Machines

AMD 16 processors by AMD are crazy fast. Last year, Alienware had the advantage on these processors as they were the only PC manufacturer that could sell Threadripper. You can also get an Octo- Ryzen 7 1700x if you don’t want the Intel 5680 version.

Alienware Goes VR

In other news they just introduced a new Dell this year with Intel Coffee Lake 6-core, which the company sees as an affordable entry point into VR at under $800. After that Joe Olmsted talks about the Dell Mixed Reality Visor, with the big message being that more content is coming.


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