Floyd Rose Shows FRX Tremolo, Pick Glide Signature Line, and 3D Headphones at NAMM

Special Guest Host Sergio Michel Interviews at , as we get a look at the newest version of , The new line with , and the Headphone series including Bluetooth, and wired headsets.

Add a Tremolo to Your Guitar with FRX

A pretty hefty tremolo system for your guitar, the FRX tremolo allows you to customize your Les Paul, SG, or Flying V guitar. The best part of this system is there is no additional router modification needed to install. Simply swap out the bridge for this easy-to-configure system.

“We have tried this a couple times in the past with no success” said Rose. “We gave it one more try and came up with the FRX”.

The spring tension is on top, which makes for easier adjustments. The Tremolo assist helps bring the strings back to the exact same position. It makes the bar more stable, so you can use it better. A Floyd Rose nut is also included, but also can be installed behind the original nut to lock strings into place.

New Signature Line with

We got to check out the Signature line of Floyd Rose guitars, a strat-style with a FRX-inspired Floyd Rose Tremolo (where the springs can be adjusted from the top of the guitar). The guitar has 3 other great features that will help any guitarist shred when they need it, or make it sing at other times.

First, Floyd reconfigured the pickups of the guitar. The standard tele pickup is usually placed by the bridge at a +14 degree angle by the bridge. Some believe this design would be better flipped, so the Signature series not only flips it, they also move the single pickup to the fretboard side. The end result is the forward pickup won’t sound so muddy.

Next, the tone control knob was re-designed so it’s more sensitive in it’s use. Rose never used the tone in playing simply because the control went from one extreme to another. This new knob will allow for a smoother transition and more control in your playing.

Finally, the Pick Glide was installed into the Signature series. The glide is a plate behind the strings that will make sure your pick doesn’t go in too deep into the strings. This allows for fast notes and licks.

Floyd Rose Headphones

A new 3D headphone was shown off at the booth, along with the Floyd Rose series of wired and wireless headphones in multiple styles – including Mahogany and Oak. There are also earbud style headphones for a smaller form factor.

Check out Floyd Rose for many more tremolo systems and guitars. Get a Floyd Rose FRX Here.


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