Always Keep Tabs on Your Guitar with TaylorSense Smart Battery

guitars can be very temperamental. You need to make sure the humidity is right or it will crack. Of course, any bangs to the can also affect the sound. That is why Guitars created TaylorSense.

The TaylorSense Battery Pack turns any Taylor into a smart guitar. Simply replace the 9-volt battery pack with the TaylorSense. Then download the app (when available) to connect your guitar with the phone.

The app will not only monitor your guitar’s vitals, it will also help you tune and even record your . The app will be available for everyone to download, with the recorder and tuner available for all to use.

But for those of you who take your acoustic guitar on the road, this app will let you know a lot about your guitar when you are not using it. Simply connect up when you can via bluetooth. If an impact incident occurs, the app will let you know right away. It will even tell you how much force impact the guitar took.

The add-on unit will be available in Q2 of 2016 and cost $79.99. Any Taylor acoustic with a 9-volt adapter will be able to be replaced with the TaylorSense. Check out Taylor website for more information.

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