Create Fresh Amazing Titles with NewBlueFX Titler Pro 4

When you are creating video, having great lower 3rds and other graphics are key to keeping your audience captivated. It also adds to the feel of your show when you can keep formats the same throughout. That is why I use Titler Pro 4 from NewBlueFX – so I can create the best graphics for all my videos.

Titler Pro is a for not just programs, but also live streaming systems like Wirecast, NewTek Tricaster and BlackMagic Davinci Resolve.

Over 50 features are inside this program, including hundreds of presets, 3D rotation, animation presets, Keyframed lighting and much more. Using a timeline keyframe setup, you can create or adjust any template to your desire.

In the accompanying video and demonstration, I create a simple lower third which I can use for my videos. I talk about how it works in the I use for Pro.

Pros and Cons of Titler Pro 4

Lower 3rd created with Titler Pro 4

Lower 3rd created with Titler Pro 4

As with any timeline software, there are some nuances you have to remember or else your titles will skew in weird directions. For example, if you copy and paste a title, then change properties of one, the other will also change. Another example is if you are editing text in the Titler Pro to make sure you don’t have partial text highlighted if you want to change the font of all the text.

There have been times I got really frustrated when putting a scene together. However, with a little patience, you can work it out for some great titles.

I also have seen issues with the templates losing settings when I import them. But I have experienced that same problem with After Effects and other titling programs.

Unless you use the titles that come out of box, this does have an intermediate learning curve. But within a couple hours you should have the hang of the basics in creating templates.

Titler Pro 4 starts at $299. Additional packs are available from NewBlueFX.


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