Geek Smack! 215:Veredboxon? Verizon, Redbox Take on Netflix.


Geek Smack! ShowThe CES stuff keeps rolling on and on. Still 100 videos to complete, so there will be a lot of great content on Geekazine in the next week or two. This week has been a laid back one as I am still trying to recoup from this ear issue. Might have to head to doctor again and make sure it’s not anything else. Also, thanks to everyone that has been watching the new show – iPad365. It’s been really ramping up in numbers!

It’s also February Album Writing Month – I will be writing my 14 1/2 songs in 29 days.

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Geek Smack! Tech News:

Chrome Arrives to Android
– Beta version released, will you download?
Wolfram Alpha Winning with Siri
-One quarter of queries come from that engine.
Playbook OS2 Shown Off
– Handset remote control, display added.
Apple Facing Fines in China for iPad
– Taiwanese company registered iPad 4 years ago.
JCPenny’s Facelift
– How an Apple COO can revitalize JCPenny
HP Allows Partners to host LoadRunner
-Check your performance verification
Trendnet Security Flaw
-Your home security cam can be seen

Geek Smack! Geek News:

Coffee – The Hooters of Coffee Shops
Infographic – Online Privacy Woes
LEGO – Lord of the Rings Sets
Star Wars OR LEGO – Star Wars LEGO Days in Chicago
WWI – Last Surviving Veteran Passes Away
Hair – Morning Head Cap
Minecraft – Blocky Earth
Books, or Dickens – 20 Memorable Characters from  Charles Dickens LiteratureStar Trek – Trek Mr. Potato Head

Geek Smack! Topic of the Week: Verizon Joins Redbox So You can Rent More Movies

I have to admit: I have been seriously thinking of getting rid of my Netflix account. Last week, Starz ended their agreement with Netflix, and Netflix hasn’t updated their online streaming in 3 weeks. How many old TV series can we endure?

I did watch some 2 1/2 star B-movie that I enjoyed three to four nights ago. But I have found I am not going to Netflix as much as I have.

Enter in Redbox and Verizon. Now, I am not keen on heading to the store to drop off a movie 24 hours later, but the prices are a lot better than Amazon. With Verizon adding streaming in the second half of 2012, you could see Redbox compete hard with these online services.

Of course, in order to do so, Redbox will have to get on the Roku, Boxee, XBox360, PS3 and embed in many different TV’s and Blu-Ray players.

What about the DVD rental? Would you choose to get yours in the mail, or drive to the Kiosk to drop off? Mail has convenience whereas Kiosks means you might get that next movie right now. I hope they also initiate a “reserve” option. I can reserve a movie in a queue, then have 20 minutes to go get it from the Kiosk I reserved it from.

We’ll see how this plays out. Maybe Netflix should start thinking about Kiosks themselves?

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