Geekazine Gear Roundup for Covering CES, NAMM 2018

At my first CES, I had a small budget, but needed to try and get as much interview content as possible. As the years progressed, I worked on better cameras, microphones, lights, and more. Nine years later, I have the most powerful video system that I’ve ever taken with me. I can’t wait to start recording some of the events for you – this year going full 4k. Here is the gear I am using. You can find it all at

4K Camera

I have been going back and forth between Prosumer and DSLR cameras. While I was happy with last year’s videos, I needed something that could work with less effort than a DSLR. Therefore I went back to the Sony brand of video cameras.

The Handycam FDR-AX700 is the latest camera. It has a 1″ CMOS sensor, Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T” 12x optical zoom lens w/ 29mm angle, and a fast hybrid focus system to keep the subject in shot.

I have been using it during Build Day Live events as the primary camera. I love the fact it can do multiple face detection, but not show those silly squares up on the screen. And although it doesn’t have the Stabili-eye fearture my previous camera had, it does a great job with the digital stabilization.

The camera also works wireless, and I can go hands-free with the remote control that is included.

SanDisk Extreme Pro 512 GB SDXC Cards

The camera also allows for 2 cards. I chose the SanDisk Extreme Pro 512 GB SDXC UHS-I cards because these cards have never failed me. I can record around 35 hours without cleaning out the cards. Moving from one interview to the next will never be an issue.

Sony URXP03D 2-Channel Portable Receiver

A good wireless is also important in getting the shot. The P03D has so many great features to it, including the ability to use up to 4 microphones at once. The main 2 wireless, and an input for a single mic, or chain to more microphones. It only records 2 tracks, but I can set the primary voice to the left channel, and all others to the right.

The URX-P03D can also charge batteries via the USB adapter. Better yet, the additional shoe mount for Sony cameras will not only bypass the batteries for power, but also send the audio signal right to the camera. Now I can use the mic option as an additional source (which you have to set up).

My hand-held Microphone is the Audio-Technica Omnidirectional Dynamic with long handle for getting close to those being interviewed.

Neewer CN-160 LED Lighting

I have been a big fan of these LED lights for years. You can get your subject lit up, and filter the light so it’s not so harsh. They work on many different types of batteries, including 6-AA in a pinch. Most important, I have found on a full charge these lights will continue on up to 90 minutes.

The Neewer CN-160 is lightweight, and tough. My first one fell down several times, but always worked.

CamCaddie Scorpion

I decided to add the CamCaddie Scorpion for many reasons. First, it was pretty light-weight. Second, I could attach the LED light, and other items right on the mount arm. Finally, it acts as a stabilizer when I decide to take the camera off the tripod.

Sirui Carbon Fiber Monopod

When I found this monopod last year, I ditched my tripod. The key to this monopod is the feet – Easily collapsible, but long enough to hold the camera – even on a padded carpet.

The Sirui P-424S can extend up to 7 feet high. It does have some sway to it, but the camera’s stabilization holds the frame steady.

With all this gear, I am confident we’ll get some great footage of Vegas and . So stick to this channel for all your coverage!


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