PrivateLine Brings You the Power of Mobile Privacy with No Crowdsourcing

There are over 240 million users in . According to a recent post from YouMail, an estimated 2.74 billion robocalls occurred in November, 2017 alone (a 10% increase from the year before). hopes to change that for personal, or business use. And with most of us having a SMB, we can have separate phone numbers with filters acting like a – finding out who is calling and why even before you take the call.

What is Private Line

Private Line Splash Screen

private line screener

is a personal call screener app for your mobile device. The service is brought to you by – who launched Shuffle in 2015.

Instead of just seeing a number, you will get informed of what line they are calling on, who the caller is (if available), and what they are calling about. You can then take the call, send to voicemail, or even block the number.

“Personal privacy has always been a big deal for me,” says – Founder and CEO of Shuffle Ventures. “With today’s interconnected personal, social, and business lifestyle, your privacy can be compromised in so many ways, including your mobile number. Our ultimate goal is to provide mobile users with complete transparency on and a simple way to manage their communication preferences.”

Bypassing the “Crowdsourcing”

PrivateLine will be protecting your privacy in other ways than crowdsourcing data. They will not “harvest” your contacts to figure out if a number is good or bad. They will be using an Artificial Intelligence Markup Language () powered system to let you know who and why a person is calling.

“With PrivateLine, we will provide unlimited monthly calling and texting, plus our advanced Caller ID and Call Screening feature set, for a low monthly fee.” adds Collett.

Apps such as Hiya, TrueCaller, and Mr. Number are crowd-sourced apps. This means callers personal information will be added to a list to verify if a call is real, or robo. According to a Fox43 report, this can not only cause false-positives, you will also be putting your contacts at risk themselves.

A robo-caller will generate it’s own “disposable” phone number to call you. Therefore, flagging that number in a crowdsourced database could cause issue for someone who gets that number after.

The best way to stop spammers is to simply stop giving out your number – especially to a crowdsource app.

PrivateLine is planned for an early 2018 release. More features will be announced closer to the launch date. If you would like to sign up for a private beta, go to


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