Hasselblad Moto Mod Doesn’t Live Up to Expectation

I was a big fan of the Lenovo with projector Moto Mod. I felt it added something to a phone any business person would want. However, with the Hasselblad attachment, it doesn’t go where I would want a phone to go.

I took this phone to 3 major events for one job – to take photos and video. All three events I switched to my DSLR and iPhone because of how the overall performance was.

HasselBlad Moto Mod on Lenovo Moto Z

The first issue I had with the phone was simply the power that was behind it. The Moto Z was not as responsive as I wanted it to be. If you had to reboot the device, it simply goes through two videos introductions before the phone finally powered on. The phone had a hard time recognizing the mod at some points.

There were times I needed the camera to be ready for a once in a lifetime shot. It simply wasn’t.

HasselBlad was a Battery Drain

This was the most disappointing part of the mod. I charged it up overnight, then put it in my bag. A few hours later when I was ready to use it, the battery was dead. There is no extra battery on the camera to help it stay charged. It simply wasn’t there for the shots.

Not Even RAW Photos and Optical Zoom Could Save it

The camera does shoot RAW photos. 4000×2992 at 1.70 MB for a daytime . Using the zoom and light issues could change size. Still, these functions didn’t help the camera if I had a hard time trying to get the camera ready to start with.

I love any camera that has optical zoom. Digital zoom adds a pixelated grain. The iPhone 7 does a good job in adjusting that, but the Moto Z 7.0 was not handling anything on the photo well.

The Price is too High

The Mod itself costs $249.99. I can actually find a point-and-shoot with Android OS for less. The Sony DSC-QX100 was a zoomable lens attachment for iPhone that connected via Bluetooth. It worked way better than the Hasselblad

Overall – Not Worth It

I hate to give negative reviews, but this mod is really not worth it. It actually gives Hasselblad a bad name. The other mods in the series seem to fit the phone better. If you decide to get this mod, make sure you have the Lenovo Moto Z Force Droid or another device that has better processing and memory.

Thanks to Verizon Wireless for the model.


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