Reviver Brings Digital License Plates to Cars with RPlate

Scot Gensler of Reviver rplate

Scot Gensler of

As we move to the next generation of automobile, you have to ask – what about the ? It hasn’t really changed over the years. When does it go digital?

Well, now.

Reviver is a company working to get the digital to your soon. Ready to distribute in , Arizona, Florida, and Texas, the RPlate attaches on where your license plate sits. Working with state government, the RPlate will automatically update your car’s license with the DMV. No more cards in the mail or standing in line to get new stickers.

rplate can do much more than just display your car’s license. With telematics and vehicle tracking, along with a display that can send advertising or messaging in a parked state, you can turn your license into more than just a number on the road.

It will even broadcast events like Amber and Silver alerts.

The self-lit antireflective LCD screen will ensure your plate can be seen by others. The plate is 1 inch thick and the car will need to be fitted to supply power. But this means older now have tracking and location mapping, while newer will have a secondary security source. With future app development options through the rstore, this plate could give all security and driving information you may want.

I can also think of a great app right now for the rstore. A program telling the car behind me they are too close…

I talked with Scot Gensler, the CBO of Reviver, asking about security, and prevention of those who want to illegally change their plates. He mentioned they have hired a top expert of cyber-security who has been taking steps to “Dramatically reduce the likelihood of hacking”.

More details are coming soon on this. Check out for more information. Reviver has been working with California legislature to get these plates on the road.


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