Hulu Plus with No Ads AND Showtime?

Whenever someone says “Hulu”, people turn and complain about the ads. They have some of the best new content from major networks like ABC, NBC and FOX. But will the enticement of ad-free content, movies and bring you over to the service?

EPIX Moving from to Hulu Plus



Keep in mind I am saying “Hulu Plus” here. If you use the free Hulu service, you might not get this content. Nonetheless, on August 30th it was announced that Netflix will be losing the movie content from EPIX on September 30th. The next day Hulu Plus announced they signed a contract with EPIX to deliver content to their service. No word on how you will be able to watch the movies in their library just yet, but definitely a hard blow in the Netflix library.

Still, Netflix has a lot of great shows and originals like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black to keep subscribers at this time. Movie lovers might need another choice, though.

Hulu Plus Announces Ad-Limited Content

A lot of sources are saying “Ad-free” which is not 100% true. The service is ad-limited at best because some content (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, New Girl) might still be under a special contract.

It also doesn’t mean you can’t get a 15 second promo ad for another show before your content starts. Amazon has begun to do that with certain content to promote other shows. As it says on the help page:

While rare, it’s important to note that not all shows on are a part of the Hulu subscription – A good example of this is Suits.

Ad-limited content will cost you $4 more than the standard subscription. The model works like this:

  • FREE – video content from a computer with ads
  • $7.99 – video content from mobile and TV devices with ads
  • $11.99 – ad-limited video content from any device
Prices are U.S. as of 9-2015

Hulu Plus and ShowTime



At the beginning of September Hulu brought Showtime into their service as an in-app purchase. For an additional $8.99 you can watch all the movies and TV shows ShowTime has to offer, with new content delivered the next day. Shows like Ray Donovan, Nurse Jackie, Dexter and movies like Saint Vincent and Last Vegas. There is even a live stream from your computer to ShowTime East and ShowTime West.

This is also ad-limited content as they play a 15-30 second promo for upcoming ShowTime shows and movies.

Total Cost with Ad-Limited content and Showtime = $20.98 (before tax)

Will This Cut Your Cord?

With all this content, will you decide to cut your cable cord?


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