Podcast Ep 114 – Smoking by my Macbook


Zombie car is still waiting for fixin. CES lookin good and we might have a great opportunity. Drupal site is started – looking good. Dec 2nd Tweetup in .

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I – S.U.N. (Straight Up News)
AOL logos
MSNBC Takes over @BreakingNews
iPhone Worm still Rick Rollin
Drobo at eSATA
Back Virginia Up
GigaOM on new website
ROKU Channel Store
Google buys Terracent
Android Based In Car System
Chrome OS and Canonical
Buying a Mac Pro

Europe’s Telecom Overhaul
Apple continues to amaze me
Apple Ads
Man Weds Video Game Character

QOTW – Would you sell your Twitter, Facebook or other Social Network stream?
Onionized – What are we Naming our Wireless Networks
YouTubin – Chad Vader Season Finale Teaser

News Corp and Bing
The Reality of Ad.ly
Laptop Steering Wheel Desk?

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