Skully AR Helmets Makes it Right Again With New Ownership

It’s been a bit of a wild ride for . If you have been following the troubled saga, you know that they failed to deliver on IndieGoGo crowdfunding promises. There were delays, missed shipping deadlines and hurt backers. For a while many thought that the company was dead. Well, things have been happening behind the scenes and it looks like the company has plenty of life left in it.

What Happened at Skully

The company has some new owners who are determined to steer things right. Now known as , the assets of Skully, Inc. have been acquired by Ivan Contreras and Rafael Contreras, who are successful businessmen known for reinvigorating companies. This all means that development of its AI-guided, -enabled resumed. They plan to ship by this summer in fact. It has been a roller coaster, but this has all been good news for fans who want the best in motorcycle helmets. It is bound to get even better.

New Skully Helmt

Skully showed off their latest prototype of the helmet at CES on Sunday. In case you aren’t familiar, it sports a rear-facing camera, a visor with a , and smartphone integration. As for that IndieGoGo fiasco, Skully has launched a “Make It Right” campaign, insuring that everyone who ordered one through the crowdfunding site will get one. And that is good business 101. Good on them.

For more information, check out Skully Technologies.


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