Storyblocks – Video, Audio, Graphics Footage for your Video, Podcast or Website

If you are looking to progress your , your videos, or your podcasts, then adding high-quality stock can be the jolt you need. Stock items can help tell a story with content you either might not be able to get, or don’t have time to make on your own. It doesn’t diminish your vision – but instead may help others engage with your content.

Graphicstock example

Graphic stock example on Storyblocks

Storyblocks is split into 3 parts:

Each portal allows you to search, and filter in and out items so you can find the one item you are looking for. With new items added everyday, you have a wide array of stock to search from.

While there are thousands of items available under your license (indicated with an infinity symbol on the upper-left corner), there are also stock items available from contributors for a discounted price. This will give you more options to make that , get the right photo, or the most inspirational song for your content.

Prices start at $149/year per subscription (so $447 for all three sites). Contributor stock video starts at $49 (a $30 savings over non-members) and contributor photos are $3.99 each.

In the Video I have added some of these items to show you how your content can be enhanced. From emotional background music, to video overlays, and photo options.

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