Sony’s Aibo Robot Dog Learns Some New Tricks

isn’t new to the world of robot dogs, but it has been awhile since they updated the with the latest technology. Robot dogs are great because it gives users the ability to have a pet without having to actually feed or take care of it. No walks, no cleaning up poop, no buying expensive food and taking it to the vet. There are lots of great reasons to want a robot pet, especially as technology makes them more authentic. We still have a way to go to make them like real dogs, but we are slowly getting there.

Sony’s latest Aibo has OLED eyes along with AI technology that will allow the pooch to become more familiar with its owner than ever before. So this is getting in the realm of a true companion for your home.

Interestingly, this time around, Sony’s Aibo loves anything pink in color and it also has a fear of heights and tight spaces. It has hundreds of different movements and gestures. It will detect and avoid obstacles and you may just fall in love with it. Sony certainly hopes that you will. You can pre-order it in Japan right now.

via Digitaltrends

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