Vint Cerf Talks People Centered Internet

You may or may not like your speed right now, but in some areas, is non-existant. We’re not talking 3rd World countries, either. There are many areas in the U.S. that also go with little to no signal for children trying to learn and grow. That is why helped create the . I got to sit and talk with Vint at the IEEE Tech for Humanity Series at in Austin, TX about where we are in this initiative.

Who is Vint Cerf?

Recognized as a founding father of the Internet, Vinton Gray Cerf was best known as co-inventor of the TCP/IP with his team at DARPA. Cerf then moved to MCI to help launch the first commercial email system – called MCI Mail.

Vinton continued on, helping develop . He currently sits on multiple boards overlooking the changes as we move to mobile and beyond.

People Centered Internet

But before we can move on, we must first make sure we leave no one behind. That is why Vinton is adamant about People Centered Internet. In it’s early stages, the group explores ways we can get wireless signals to everyone. From Balloons, to satellites, towers, and much more.

Looking past the United States, 3.7 billion people do not have reliable access to the Internet. Stories of what people have to do to connect to their loved ones via email or voice calling can be a rather daunting task.

Ways You Can Help

With partners IEEE, the World Economic Forum, World Bank, Internet Society, NSRC, and 100MLives, the PCI group looks for people that can lend their talents to help build, code, and even just donate so the group can build the resources needed to reach those 3.7 billion.

In the Video

While it’s a shorter video, I spent as much time talking with Vinton that I could to learn more about this great philanthropic venture.


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