AblePlanet Linx Audio Filters Distortion out Passively

Ableplanet at CES

Ableplanet at CES

Able Planet True Fidelity PS400BG

Able Planet True Fidelity PS400BG

With over 30 Innovations awards, AblePlanet leads the pack on headphones. This year is no different with their continued line – AblePlanet’s Linx Audio.

Linx Audio passively filters out noise and reduces distortion. This will bring in a lower decibel range for the ear to hear.

AblePlanet also showed us their new technology – in-lin balance adjuster. If you have a hearing issue in one ear the headphones will shift the balance to compensate so you hear in center-stereo.

Linx Audio technology is added to their different lines of  headphones including noise cancelling, gaming headsets, earbuds and more.


Check out all the headphones at AblePlanet (

Video by Nicholas DiMeo of F5 Live.

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